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Our business reach is also unlimited. We cater to the organizations present across the globe and we can delegate a team to understand your business needs no matter which part of the world you are in. Our aim is to merge technology and business acumen to offer ultimate solutions that make your organization’s internal processes efficient and offer a lot of satisfaction to the end users as well as your clients.

Surveillance systems

Surveillance Systems

We at best Security Cameras have always prided ourselves on providing excellent customer service to those seeking video surveillance and security camera systems. We serve a wide range of clients from large corporations and small businesses to private end users and Professional Installers. We provide high quality products and the most affordable security systems. We offer one of the largest selections of cameras, from over 100 name brand manufacturers.

From big businesses to the backyard, we can provide and customize the security system that best fits your needs and budget. Our team of experts is dedicated to work with your unique requirements to find a reliable solution that won’t break the bank and comes from the manufacturers with whom we work hand-in-hand.

We offer the best – because your family, home, and business deserve the best.

School Security

With all that has happened in schools across this country, We believe that every available measure should be taken to safeguard our children. Security Cameras are an important tool in this process. It’s impossible for security guards or school employees to be everywhere all the time. Security cameras can help them stay vigilant about what’s happening in all of their surroundings. From one central control location, security guards can stay aware of what is happening in every area of the school and can immediately notify the authorities if something should happen, which drastically improves response times and can help save lives. Not only that, but most surveillance systems have the ability to record the live video for playback in the future. This allows law enforcement officers to extract this video and use it to prosecute the people involved in crimes.

Retail Security

One of, if not the largest, threats to retail stores is theft. It accounts for a large percentage of lost profits for businesses across the nation. Theft can happen from outsiders, as well as employees of the company. Employee theft is a big problem for many companies. Employees have access and opportunity to steal, and they are also often hard to catch. Security cameras are the best solution for this problem. The threat of being caught on video is often a deterrent. If the thief is bold enough to commit the crime, the video from the camera allows you to easily identify them and take the downloaded video to the police.

Home Security

Home Security

The number of burglaries and home invasions is on the rise throughout the country. These things can damage your feeling of safety and security in your home, causing unnecessary anxiety and fear. Home security cameras are important in re-establishing your peace of mind. The presence of security cameras acts as a strong deterrent, as potential home invaders are significantly less likely to attack if there is a chance of them being caught on camera. If the invasion happens, the recorded video can be used to prosecute and convict the criminal, which will prevent them from harming you or others in the future.

Interactive Whiteboard Systems

Interactive White Board

Enliven teaching and learning with our range of interactive whiteboard systems. Designed to focus attention and provide a platform to boost the interactivity of your lessons, Active Board interactive white boards teaching software provide the essential building blocks for any digitally connected classroom. Because each classroom is unique, Interactive Board Systems are available in a wide variety of configurations, enabling you to tailor the right solution to accommodate your needs.

Over the years we have grown into a leading education solutions provider, guiding and supporting forward-thinking institutions around the world in an effort to increase achievement among teachers and students alike.

We believe that learning never ends. Growth, curiosity and the quest for knowledge do not end in a classroom or at graduation—they live on in all humans at every age, in all environments. We are all students, learning from and with one another in a global classroom that encompasses a lifetime of experiences.

Because learning never ends, neither does the need to inspire and be inspired—in classrooms, training rooms, conference rooms and beyond. This core belief led us to the decision to expand our integrated, interactive offerings outside of the classroom and into the business and government sectors.

Fundamentally, an interactive whiteboard combines a dry erase whiteboard with an LCD projector and is usually mounted on a wall or floor stand. Powered by easy-to-use software, the whiteboard becomes a computer screen viewable by an entire classroom. The projector projects the content from a computer onto the surface of the board while the teacher controls the content either with a pointer or a touch of the hand instead of a keyboard and mouse. The combination of software with the projector results in much more than simply a projected image.

Anything that can be done on a computer monitor, can be replicated on the interactive white board. A teacher can create engaging lessons that focus on one task such as a matching activity where students use either their fingers or a pen to match items. Another teacher might integrate multiple items into a lesson plan such as websites, photos, and music that students can interact with, respond to verbally or even write comments on the board itself. Image size and placement can change with a simple touch to the screen. This technology makes the one-computer classroom a workable instructional model. Imagine taking a class on a photo safari to Africa complete with embedded videos, animal sounds and mapping software.

Research has repeatedly demonstrated that students learn better when they are fully engaged and that multisensory, hands-on learning is the best way to engage them. Interactive whiteboards facilitate multisensory learning whether it is a collaboration exercise for math problem solving or a Google Earth tour of the Amazon rainforest.

Boardroom integrated with automation

Board Room

A Boardroom is a reflection of the Company, its Cultures, its Values and its Vision. It should be nothing short of a WOW !! We deploy our expertise in making your Boardroom what it should be the seedbed of Technology for Policy-making. We equip it with the most advanced yet relevant interaction tools needed by YOUR teams to interact among various levels and between various locations. We demystify complex AV engineering to put simple yet highly efficient tools in your hands.

Bring your clients into a room that clearly states who you are as a company. With the press of a single button the projector turns on and the screen lowers. The shades automatically lower to maximize the viewing experience, and when the sound plays from the opening video of your presentation the audio envelopes the room and everyone’s attention is yours. An impression has already been made, and the presentation is not even fully underway. Let Integration Unlimited help you make that impression and captivate your audience by fully automating your company board room.

Simplify and streamline the technology in your boardrooms, conference rooms or throughout the facility. Integrated solutions simplify installation and practical usage, as well as maintenance and scalability.

Automation system has evolved far beyond the touch panel and control system, becoming the definitive source for centrally and globally controlling, managing and presenting information. Control and automate the lights, drapes, screens, thermostats and AV equipment all from an intuitive easy-to-use touch panel, remote or custom keypad. Let our solution take control of the technology so you can focus on your meetings.

Networking solutions

Networking Solutions

We understand the vital role that the communication network plays in information management.

We know that in today's business the distribution of information is a necessity whether transmitted by voice, computer, video, or any other electronic media.

Our foremost commitment is to provide a reliable and flexible data and telecommunications cabling infrastructure that will deliver your data over a variety of transmission technologies.

From network design, cabling and integration services by qualified engineers to installation by certified installers, Technology Solutions has the telecommunications service expertise and experience to successfully implement structured cabling, voice & data systems design and installation for any size business.

Our expertise at fiber-optic cabling and cable tray installations means that we can install and wire switches for both high-tech and traditional business clients.

We are aware that the key to optimizing your voice and data infrastructure investment is proper planning that will take into account your needs today and those of the future.

Our mutually beneficial relationships with our vendors allow us to keep in touch with the ever-changing products and materials that will enhance your fiber optics and voice & data cabling installation. We recognize the importance and sensitivity of scheduling and get the job done on time and safely. Give us a call today to discuss how we can help you with your voice and data cabling needs.

Video Conference

Video Conference

We all know that a picture is worth a thousand words, and crystal clear HD videoconferencing from our solution is the perfect example of how true that statement is. A live video conference is much more effective than a phone call in many different situations. For example, you may need to visually demo a new product with your international sales team or troubleshoot an issue with a client which requires data sharing. Literally seeing what you are discussing is far more effective and meaningful than trying to describe it verbally with an audio conference. Listed below are the some of the top benefits of video conferencing, based on conversations with customers, analysts, and value-added resellers.

Reduced Travel Costs

The ability to be in several places at once without leaving your office is the next frontier and driving business productivity. Though face-to-face interactions with your customers, partners and colleagues will never be replaced, the huge leaps in quality, availability, and ease-of-use make videoconferencing the closest thing to being there. When you calculate the number of trips taken annually and determine the associated costs (transportation to and from the airport, the cost of plane tickets, meals, time lost in travel, etc.) it is clear why videoconferencing is such an attractive alternative. Businesses often see that the cost of travel for just one employee can far outweigh the expense of a video conference system that can be used by the entire company.

Public address system

Public address system

A public address system (PA system) is an electronic sound amplification and distribution system with a microphone, amplifier and loudspeakers, used to allow a person to address a large public, for example for announcements of movements at large and noisy air and rail terminals or at a sports stadium. The term is also used for systems which may additionally have a mixing console, and amplifiers and loudspeakers suitable for music as well as speech, used to reinforce a sound source, such as recorded music or a person giving a speech or distributing the sound throughout a venue or building.

Simple PA systems are often used in small venues such as school auditoriums, churches, and small bars. PA systems with many speakers are widely used to make announcements in public, institutional and commercial buildings and locations. Intercom systems, installed in many buildings, have microphones in many rooms allowing the occupants to respond to announcements.

Sound reinforcement systems and PA systems may use some similar components, but with differing application, although the distinction between the two is not clear-cut. Sound reinforcement systems are for live music or performance.

Biometric Time &anp; Attendance

Biometric Time & Attendance

Managing time and tracking attendance manually is a frustrating activity known only to a Business Owner or a payroll Manager. Intelliob Time Mate attendance management software records time and attendance details from fingerprint biometric devices or other time keeping devices to manage employee time and productivity efficiently.

Time Mate tracks employees Attendance & Time and provides a daily understanding of time records as reports or for processing by Pay Care payroll software. As a result, Time Mate cuts down on administrative time, safeguards from time mismanagement errors, and savings in terms of money and man-hours that could have been lost due to mishandled time cards and employees punching in for each other.

Displays and Projectors

Displays Projectors

Bring eye-catching efficiency to your multimedia presentations in a budget-friendly way. Nino Technologies will assist you in finding the perfect display solution that fits your organization unique messaging needs and budget. We offer an array of LED, multi-touch and medical grade monitors, projectors and more, from quality brands such as Dell, LG, InFocus, ViewSonic and many others.

CompuCom helps you choose, install and manage the support of all devices so you can deploy new displays in a timely manner.

Computer and Peripherals

Computer and Peripherals

The Computer and Peripherals Industry is composed of a diverse group of companies. It produces a wide range of products for sale to just about all businesses and consumers. The industry tends to trail the economic cycle, and is very competitive. This industry markets a wide range of products and services, many of which are tied to mainframe and server computers, personal computers, and storage devices. We offer wide range of products as per the requirement.

Cables and Connector

Cables and Connector

In information science, connectors, normally called "input-output connectors" (or I/O for short), are interfaces for linking devices by using cables. They generally have a male end with pins protruding from it. This plug is meant to be inserted into a female part (also called a socket), which includes holes for accommodating the pins. However, there are "hermaphroditic" plugs which can act as either male or female plugs, and can be inserted into either one.